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WonderWebs provides a complete and worry-free internet experience for your business, government, community, or charitable organisation in Australia, New Zealand and around the Pacific. We’ll hand-hold you through all aspects of moving your business onto the internet.

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Our customers recognise the value of professional design and development services and are not satisfied with a do-it-yourself website builder. We build and manage the website, allowing you to easily manage your web content and get on with important business.

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These websites below are recent additions to the WonderWebs on WordPress family. All of them are a cost-effective and worry-free solution for the respective business owners. 

  • People Photos
    People Photos
    WonderWebs WordPress Platform
  • NeuRizer Ltd
    NeuRizer Ltd
    WonderWebs WordPress Platform
  • Digital Nomad
    Digital Nomad
    WonderWebs WordPress Platform
  • The Olive Group
    The Olive Group
    WonderWebs WordPress Platform
  • The Art of Bruce Mahalski
    The Art of Bruce Mahalski
    WonderWebs WordPress Platform
  • Bach Podz NZ
    Bach Podz NZ
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People Photos

People do business with people. Show yourself to prospective clients with fast and affordable, quality headshots by Rumi. He will come to your office anywhere in the Wellington region, or elsewhere on request, and get the job done in one go. No hassles and minimal interruption! 

A new website for a new business venture. This follows a one-page design where the visitor is led on a conversion path from top to bottom. The website features multiple team galleries. pricing panels, an accordion FAQ, testimonials and of course a contact form.

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WonderWebs WordPress Platform
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NeuRizer Ltd

At NeuRizer, we’re leading the world in the development of responsible inputs for food production. We are Australia’s first carbon neutral producer of urea fertiliser.

NeuRizer is a major change of direction for an existing client, with a new brand, new product and an all new website.

The website, built from the ground up on the new Wonderwebs WordPress-based platform, has many nice features including the large homepage video, stock ticker, a nice team page with details popups, a shareholders spreadsheet, a news manager and an excellent tool for managing ASX press releases.

The website saved NeuRizer a lot of money as compared to other quotes received.

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WonderWebs WordPress Platform
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Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad is a boutique, premium quality co-working space right in the heart of the Wellington CBD. Inspiration for Digital Nomad is drawn from great leaders, innovative thinkers and influential figures throughout history. Our mission is to facilitate the growth of local businesses and foster a community of original and determined entrepreneurs and business people.

This is another website recently rebuilt on the new WordPress platform. It features a custom listing of office locations, each with its own gallery and map. There is also an overview map where all locations can be viewed at once.

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WonderWebs WordPress Platform
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The Olive Group

We are here to make the journey of purchasing a house as easy as possible. We ensure that your needs are top priority and are providing the best possible outcome for you! Seemingly, now days, anyone can sell a mortgage. We at The Olive Group understand a need and fill it with what works best for you.

The Olive Group has been with WonderWebs for many years now. This new website on the WonderWebs WordPress platform is clean and tidy and features high performance.

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WonderWebs WordPress Platform
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The Art of Bruce Mahalski

Artist, Activist and Museum Director – As well as being a practicing artist, Mahalski is also the director of The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery in Dunedin which contains his large collection of skulls, ethnological art and interesting local historical ephemera.

Bruce Mahalski has been with WonderWebs for many years and has had a variety of websites for a number of projects and purposes. The new, website here features a news blog and a gallery with works for sale and already sold. The new website has a stylish dark look with a gold accent.

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WonderWebs WordPress Platform
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Bach Podz NZ

At Bach PodZ, we believe in sustainable togetherness of all peoples and as part of that the right of Kotahitanga, a type of collective solidarity, not just with each other, but with all life in this world.

Andrew is the talented builder and designer of the unique Bach Podz tiny homes. They are fully insulated using sustainable recycled product and do not require building consents to install on your property.

This website is built in our new web platform based on WordPress. This gives us access to modern layouts with less manual coding. We received plenty of photographs but little written content. Even so, the website looks like it has plenty going on. There is a subscriber popup and also a special Kiwiana aerogram contact form that Andrew requested.

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WonderWebs WordPress Platform
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Sell just one or thousands of your products and services to the public or to your resellers with our online store application. Includes our custom developed, super-clean, search-enhanced layout templates.

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No-obligation, honest and practical advice and asistance for your Intranet, website, email, Office 365, online marketing, SEO, DNN/Evoq CMS, written content, photography, design and integration.

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Website management is the process of maintaining and developing a website so that it is secure, attractive, fully functional and up-to-date, once you’ve built your website. We are here to help with your content and layout needs.

No, our custom web platform and management systems ensure that we can maintain and update your website at little or no further cost to you.

Contact us below for a free chat about your needs and wishes and we’ll provide you with our best advice and knowledge. There is no hard-sell involved.

Our base package includes everything you need to get your business online, including handholding through all necessary steps. Not included is certain custom functionality such as eCommerce or particularly complex design or development. Get in touch for a custom price. You will need to be able to provide the necessary graphic/images and written content.

Yes, all websites begin as a ready-made theme of your choice and are then customised by us to match your desired look. All of the themes on this website as well as our live client sites are in fact made from the same base theme. The base theme does not limit the design possibilities.


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