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Useful Resources

A selection of websites, programs and files that we find useful #

Check back as this will be updated over time. Use all of these at your own risk. Being listed here does not imply that WonderWebs has tested or vetted any of them for your purposes.

Programs #

The image management programs here are very useful, especially for eCommerce website owners.

Cloud Applications & Services #

These are services we have found useful and that offer good value. All of these offer useful products for free, and have paid upgrades. Ask us for advice about your specific situation before purchasing these products. Do not go through any domain configuration processes without notice as this may interrupt access to other services on your domain, such as your website or existing email.

  • ZOHO – IMAP email, CRM, messaging, support ticketing, live help chat etc. Cheap domain email.
  • G-Suite –  IMAP email, collaboration, conferencing etc. Applications are online-only
  • Gmail is the free version of G-Suite without domain email.
  • Office 365 – Exchange email and calendaring, proper Microsoft Office applications for offline use etc. 
  • is the free version of Office 365 without domain email and without offline Office programs.
  • MailChimp – Mailing lists that integrate with your website. 500 subscribers for free, expensive for more
  • – Live chat box on your website. Has a free account and we use it on WonderWebs.
  • DW Service – Remote desktop – Works through your firewall
  • Dead Simple Screen Sharing – No sign-ups, works in your web browser.

Email and Newsletters #

Graphics, videos and Icons #

Ask us how to make use of the built-in icons listed here.

Fonts and text #

  • Google Fonts – One or more of these can or has already been installed on your website
  • Font Pair – Nice way to find Google fonts that go well together
  • 1001 Free Fonts – Preview and download fonts for free for other purposes
  • Blind Text Generator – Lorem Ipsum text for copying and pasting
  • Pahu! – Lorem Ipsom generator in Māori
  • Remove Line Breaks – Useful when copying text from a PDF
  • PureText – Removes formatting when pasting copied text

Social Networking #

Phone Apps #

Security and Website Tools #

Widgets& Embeds #

Advanced Tools for Coding and Server Management #

These links are not meant for WonderWebs clients to use. They are useful for us to manage our services and also when we support you.

Internet and Network tools #

Email and Spam #

HTML, Code and CSS #

Chrome and Edge Extensions #

Updated on 5 July 2024

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