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WonderWebs Ltd – Service Level Agreement (SLA)

You must be aware of this SLA in your engagement with WonderWebs #

The WonderWebs Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies to all clients with website and/or email services hosted by WonderWebs and without overdue account balances. The client agrees that measurements made through our third party monitoring service establishes the eligibility for any claim. In the event that the client determines that a service degradation exists or has occurred, the client shall promptly notify WonderWebs, we will mutually agree upon the validity and accuracy of the claim, and upon the client’s eligibility for any credit or refund.

WonderWebs web and email services are defined as the equipment and software within the WonderWebs network segment, including contracted server hosting and co-location services to which the WonderWebs network segment is connected and collectively utilized by WonderWebs to provide web and email services.

Service Availability is the total time in a calendar month that WonderWebs services are made available to the Internet at the location where the servers are installed and operated. WonderWebs cannot be held liable for problems related to any upstream bandwidth providers as these are not under our control. The WonderWebs network is expected to be, and outside of server migrations and the scheduled and unscheduled downtime below, will be, available to clients for 99.9% of the time.

Service Downtime is any unplanned interruption in service availability during which the client is unable to access the described services, provided the interruption is determined to have been caused by a problem in the immediate WonderWebs network segment as confirmed by WonderWebs. Downtime is measured as the total length of time of the unplanned interruption in Service Availability during a calendar month. WonderWebs is not responsible for unplanned outages due to third-party software failure, which are the direct responsibility of the software publisher and not of WonderWebs. This includes the many regularly-upgraded commercial software plugins utilised by the WonderWebs CMS.

Scheduled Service Downtime is any planned interruption of WonderWebs hosting services such as for software and hardware maintenance. Planned outages may include scheduled as well as manual restarts of software or hardware in order to resolve urgent performance or reliability issues. The server website applications are recycled every 24 hours outside of work hours and can cause a brief slowdown as they start up. Downtime is otherwise scheduled between 1am and 6am on any day including weekends.

Monitoring Service is the service WonderWebs provides in order to analyse availability of HTTP based services and applications through its third party monitoring system at The nature of the WonderWebs CMS application does not allow individual websites to have outages and therefore individual websites and email accounts are not monitored. Instead, the WonderWebs CMS applications containing all websites, and the related databases and email applications are monitored separately. The monitoring services provide text and email notifications to WonderWebs staff when outages are detected.

Backup and Restore System is the service WonderWebs utilises to provide a bare-metal restoration of the web, email and database servers in case of total hardware or software failure. This system maintains two backup points over 48 hours. It does not provide the ability to restore individual files or other customer content on an ad-hoc basis. In the case of a bare metal restore, all content loaded after the most recent backup point is not able to be restored. Customers are expected to maintain their own copies of any content published on their website.

As of March 2021, we also operate an additional offsite backup system. This retains 5 copies over 5 days of the website databases and file systems in a separate physical location in order to allow us to rebuild the websites at a new datacentre in case of any major outage at the current datacentre. This might include fire or earthquake. Email is not included in this backup and restoring the websites to a new datacentre would take some time to complete. We have done this in light of recent ransomware attacks around the world as well as a major datacentre fire in Europe that wiped out millions of websites.

This SLA does not cover downtime or outages caused by the following:

  • Outages or configuration issues in the client’s local area network or ISP
  • Outages at any location between the client and the WonderWebs servers
  • Outages due to hardware or software failure on the WonderWebs servers
  • Outages due to bugs or problems with third party software or services
  • Outages caused by failed software upgrades
  • Obsolescence or discontinuation of any software or related services 
  • Planned outages
  • Domain-related issues such as expired and unpaid registrations or any DNS propagation
  • Outdated or otherwise unsuitable or ineffective software or hardware on the client’s computer or network
  • Email service connectivity or server reputation issues.

This SLA may be amended at any time by WonderWebs – last updated 24 April 2023

Updated on 5 December 2023

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