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SEO Tools

If you really want to get your hands dirty in SEO, have a browse of these useful tools. #

WonderWebs already operates some of these (Analytics and Search Console) for your website, so just ask for access before creating a new account and setting it up yourself. We also use the various performance tools on this page to assess and improve your website and our systems. 

AI – Artificial Intelligence #

This is a new field and as there are so many tools providing AI, we aren’t linking to any particular one. You can easily use AI for content generation on Bing or in the Bing sidebar in Edge, or in Skype chat, or create an account and use ChatGPT or any other AI service. Beware of services that are nothing more than a paid interface to another service. AI is extremely useful for generating ‘marketing guff’.

Bing Webmaster #

Bing Webmaster offers a full suite of website and search analytics. Especially useful are keyword reports, keyword research, and crawling data.

Bing Places for Business #

This is the same as Google My Business. Add your business to the Bing listing. It has a feature to import your business from Google as well.

Google My Business #

Claiming or creating your business profile forms the foundation of most other local SEO activities, so it’s an essential step. This post shows how to claim your listing.

Google Review Link Generator #

How do you give your customers a URL to leave a Google review for your business? This generator makes it easy. You can now also find a review link within your Google Business account.

Google Ads/Adwords Advertising #

Paying for Google advertising qualifies as an SEO tool as this will let your website skip into first place in the search results, for a fee. This can be used temporarily to gain visibility more quickly. It can be expensive to advertise, so you should make wise choices when choosing the keywords you want to  pay for. Get in touch for help with this.

Google Data Studio #

If you need to merge data from different sources (say Search Console and Google Analytics), visualize, and share it.

Google Analytics #

The big daddy of web traffic analysis. WonderWebs already operates this tool for your website. If you want to gain access to your data or manage it entirely by yourself, send us your Google account and we’ll add you. 

Google Analytics GA4 – Track File Downloads #

Some things are more difficult to achieve in the new GA4 Analytics interface. The linked article provides all necessary information on how to view file downloads or other track events.

Google Search Console #

WonderWebs already operates this tool for you. If you want to manage it yourself, get in touch. This is the most reliable location for information on how Google crawls and ranks your site, and is one of the only places where you can get reliable keyword data.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool #

Google’s Structured Data Testing tool is essential for not only troubleshooting your own structured data but performing competitive analysis on your competitor’s structured data as well. You can edit the code within the tool to troubleshoot and arrive at valid code.

Google Rich Results Test #

Rich results are when Google displays extra information such as pricing, stock availability, images and reviews/ratings along with the standard text search results. The super-clean WonderWebs ecommerce templates support rich results for your products. Note that any warnings in the test are simply when the data doesn’t exist. You might not have provided a SKU or no one has reviewed the product.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test #

If your page passes the test, then Google counts it as mobile friendly. If your page isn’t mobile-friendly, it will give you specific areas to address.

Google Keyword Planner #

Google’s own Keyword Planner was built for folks who buy Google ads, but it still delivers a ton of information useful for SEO keyword planning.

Keyword Hero #

Keyword Hero works to solve the problem of missing keyword data with lots of advanced math and machine learning. It’s not a perfect system, but for those struggling to match keywords with conversion and other on-site metrics, the data can be a valuable step in the right direction. 

Answer The Public #

If you want to generate a massive list of questions from any keyword, use this weird new tool.

Keyword Explorer #

500 million keyword suggestions, all the most accurate volume ranges in the industry. Moz’s free community account gives you access to 10 queries a month, with each query giving you up to 1000 keyword suggestions along with SERP analysis.

Keywords Everywhere #

Install this browser extension for Firefox or Chrome, and see keyword suggestions with volume as you cruise the internet. Works in Google Search Console as well.

Local Search Results Checker #

One of the hardest parts of Local SEO is figuring out rankings from any location — especially when Google stubbornly wants to serve results from the location you’re in. BrightLocal solves this with a quick local ranking tool that can virtually drop you into any location on earth to check actual local rankings.

Moz Local Check Business Listing #

Moz Local lets you quickly check how your business shows up across the web in the major data aggregators that Google and others use to rank local search results. Very handy to understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

Chrome DevTools #

From JavaScript auditing to speed to On-Page SEO, some of the best features are hidden away. 

SimilarWeb #

Research your competitors’ traffic, top pages, engagement, marketing channels, and more. The free offering is limited to five results per metric, but it’s often enough to grab a quick data point.

Wayback Machine #

View archived copies of web pages going back to the beginnings of the Internet. 

Updated on 9 April 2024

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